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18 Jun 2018

«Tradition meets Fairytales»


18 Jun 2018 to 9 Jul 2018

Every Monday, June 18 - July 9

Small scientists. Vol.1
5 days, experiments and teasing

Weekly summer creative activity program
for Primary children
In the Center of History and Science "Time Line"
The "Time Line" proposes for this summer the program "Small Scientists. Vol.1 ». This is a different program in the heart of the summer, with a five day duration during which children will play, discover and participate in separate activities of a variety of themes. A small getaway in the heart of Posidonia, destined for Ancient Corinth, full of mythology, experiments, archeology and play! Stories, images, music and constructions will accompany this magical journey.
The program "Small Scientists. Vol.1 ", which starts after the closure of schools, is addressed to Primary children and has been designed by the center's animators and with valuable cooperation of external specialized collaborators.
It is implemented in the premises of the Center of History and Science "Line of Time" and, among other things, it aspires to inspire the small scientists to participate in discovering
• What was Pegasus and what was the relationship between Jason and Medea?
• Where did Arion travel and what was his relationship with Corinth?
• Why is Corinth an important city in antiquity?
• How is an archaeological excavation done?
• How does an explosion occur?

Five days full of Chemistry, experiments, physics, history, art, dance, singing, play, imagination and creativity!
Five Days Separate on "Time Line"!

Few words about the Center of History and Science "Time Line"
The "Line of Time" Center for History and Science started its action in September 2017, implementing educational programs for all grades. To date, it has hosted over 4,000 students. It is housed in Corinth Posidonia, in modern buildings of a total area of ​​300 square meters and utilizes modern technology to achieve its goals.
The aim of the "Line of Time" Center for History and Science is to highlight the historical and cultural heritage of the wider region of Corinth. Through a series of actions, visitors come in contact with science and its developments as well as with the wondrous world of Ancient Greek and Contemporary History.
The educational programs implemented in the Center of History and Science "Time Line" are under the aegis of the Ministry of Education.

General information
It is aimed at students who have finished the 1st Primary School up to the 6th Primary School.
First Period: 18/6 - 22/6
2nd Period: 25/6 - 29/6
3rd Period: 2/7 - 6/7
4th Period: 9/6 - 13/7
Duration: 1 week, Monday to Friday 9:00 - 13:00
Timely phone booking is required
Contact phone number: 27410-76420
For more information:

Center of History and Science "Time Line"
54 Boumpoulina str., Posidonia, Corinth