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27 May to 30 May

Canal Challenge was born out of the combination of two major and successful events, the ShooterSIS Cup 2015 and the Hellenic Nationals 2017. With the common goal of organizing a quality IPSC shooting contest attracting entries from all over Greece and from abroad, the Canal Challenge aims to establish itself and to be a major European event.


Anatoliki Makedonia poster

4 Apr

The lecture will focus on the dance phenomenon, as it is presented in various communities of Eastern Macedonia. This particular geographical area is characterized by significant population rearrangements and the coexistence of diverse ethnic groups. Based on the historicity and dynamics that characterize the dance culture, the following will be discussed: 1. The framework for the formation of specific dance forms 2. The transformations in the dances of the region after their extensive use by local and supra-local associations.