Municipal Port Office of Loutraki - Perachora

Municipal Service

The Municipal Port Office of Loutraki - Perachora is a Legal Entity under Public Law and was established in 2001.

The Municipal Port Officw offers services of common interest and contributes to the commercial, passenger, shipping, tourist and fishing industry and in general to the proper operation of the ports of its competence, as well as to the economic, social, cultural and tourist development of the Municipality. in cooperation with the other Entities in port areas.

The offices are located in the city of Loutraki and its geographical limits of responsibility extend to the limits of responsibility of the Municipality of Loutraki - Perachora - Agioi Theodoroi.

The services of the legal entity "Municipal Port Office of Loutraki - Perachora" consist of: 

  • President Office
  • The independent office of Administrative and Financial Services that includes the offices:
    • Administrative services
    • Financial Services
    • Technical Services and Cleaning

The President of the Organization is mr. Dimou Konstantinos.