Loutraki features delightful gastronomy options with plenty of restaurants for all tastes and quality local products like "mignardises" or "loukoumia" mini sweets, chocolate, pasta, olive oil and many traditional local recipes.

"Dredoures" are amongst the most famous local sweets produced exclusively in Loutraki and originated from Perachora village. Dredoures are an amazing superfood containing traditional Greek honey, walnuts and cinnamon in a recipe prepared meticulously every winter at Perachora.

The Olive oil produced at the Gerania Mountains is of excellent quality with significant health benefits. Every Autumn, during the traditional period of olive oil pressing, visitors attend the procedure and many of them participate in the olive oil making.

The many restaurants, traditional taverns, seafood "ouzeri’s", bakeries and patisseries in Loutraki and the rest of the municipality promise a gastronomic experience for literally every taste. From enjoying a seafood dinner by the sea under the moonlight to engaging in a protein packed meal on a traditional tavern in the Geraneia Mountains, the gastronomic options are endless.

Group gastronomic events are also part of the experience of organized gastro tourism in our area. Cooking lessons, visits to the producers headquarters, gourmed’s and wine conoirsseur’s events and gastronomic excursions to the nearby areas are in the itinerary for organized group tours.