Health & Wellness

One of the main alternative tourism forms that Loutraki is renowned for is the Health & Wellness Tourism. Groups from all over the world visit Loutraki on a year-round basis and enjoy the miraculous healing effects of the thermal waters of our springs.

The water derived from the Loutraki natural thermal springs was characterized as “The Water of Life” since antiquity. The geothermal springs derive from many faults of the coastal area in a 750m-wide zone. The natural spring hot waters, at the bottom of Geraneia Mountains, are discharged from a great mineral depth.

During its journey towards the surface, the pure spring water is being filtered through porous layers and it is so greatly enriched with precious trace elements, salts and minerals, that its healing properties make it a very strong health ally. 

The modern Loutraki Thermal Spa is an impressive establishment where visitors enjoy balneology, spa treatments and wellness sessions in a luxurious environment. For health purposes or simply for a wellness break, Loutraki is the top thermal destination in Greece and one of the most acclaimed thermal cities in Europe and all around the world.