Loutraki is an acclaimed sports tourism destination since the combination of the ideal climate conditions year-round and the state-of-the-art sports facilities and infrastructure in the area provide the ideal environment for both professional and amateur athletes.

More than 40.000 athletes have participated in championships and events in Loutraki as the city has organized with unrivalled success many major International, European and Mediterranean Sports championships and tournaments.

Often, tourists combine their visit to the city with the dates of a major sports events that they wish to view as spectators and many times especially in open tournaments and events participants prolong their stay to experience the true essence of the destination.

Loutraki is also the favorite choice for professional and amateur training camps in various disciplines. Teams and athletes, especially from Northern Europe, choose Loutraki for the sports infrastructure and optimal weather conditions to perform their training.

For amateur sports lovers and action seekers, Loutraki is the ideal destination to practice your preexisting sports skills or acquire some more if you feel like it.

Bungee Jumping at Corinth Canal

Conducted in total safety by the Bungee Jumping school “Zulu” at Corinth Canal, this is a once in a lifetime experience!

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

The deep blue sea is full of surprises to explore. Snorkel the Heraion Lake and gaze the antiquities hidden even in shallow waters or take the big dive under the professional instructors of the two diving schools operating in Loutraki.


From a wide range of water activities that can be experienced in Loutraki Beach, the activity of windsurfing is one of the most impressive ones. Windsurfing is popular at Loutraki Beach both in summer and winter seasons.

The Loutraki Windsurf Spot hosts all levels of windsurfing abilities, offering great conditions for an enjoyable activity. At this spot, the winds are strong north easterlies or westerlies. The southeast wind as well as the mistral wind that blows from west and northwest are ideal for slalom.

When the mistral wind is not too strong, it is ideal for wave. The northeast wind, which most of the time is strong, blows with extreme velocities reaching 45 to 60 kn / 83 to 111 kph.

Water Sports

Loutraki beach and Heraion Lake offer the ideal circumstances for practicing your favorite water sport. Water ski, Wakeboard, Barefoot, Kayak, SUP, all water sports lovers visit Loutraki!

Air Sports & Paragliding

Air sports enthusiasts will find in Loutraki an amazing takeoff spot since the destination has the ideal climate for gliding, hang gliding and paragliding (parapente) flights.