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Past Events

23 Jul

On Saturday 23 July at the Amphitheater of Poseidon Resort in Loutraki at 8.30 pm we dance Baby Shark!

Ticket Presale:

at Public, Media Markt, WIND stores and Economou Bookstore in Corinth (Ethn Antistaseos 3) and Poseidon Resort.
Price: Single price (pre-sale and checkout) 10 Euro
Suitable for children from 1 - 12 years old, young and old we all dance together.
Adults and children from 1.5 years pay tickets.
Performance Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes with a 10-minute intermission.


The Shark family spends a carefree day strolling along the bottom of the ocean, singing and dancing to their favorite songs. Soon, the Shark parents realize that Baby Shark is not following them. They search for him, but in vain... Baby Shark is missing...

What will they do?Where is Baby Shark? How will they find him?

But, of course, they will call on Pinkfong, the adventurous and courageous prince of the planet Staria to help them. Immediately, Pinkfong with the help of his friend Hogi, the green hedgehog, known as the "mobile encyclopedia", will start their adventure to the ocean.

Will they finally manage to find Baby Shark?

Will they all dance together again to the favorite beat of “doo doo doo doo”?

A spectacular underwater theatrical adventure that you should not miss!

Update on COVID measures
No certificate, no mask required.


17 Jul

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the "Association of Loutraki - Perachori - O Ivykos", we invite you with great pleasure to the thematic music and dance performance of traditional dances of all sections of our association, on Sunday, July 17, 2022 at 9:00 p.m., at the Beach Park of Loutraki.

Free entrance.


22 May to 29 May

Unique Experience from Hellas Rally Raid.

Seven days of motor climbing in the mountainous area of Loutraki-Corinth.

It is a unique adventure escape experience, in the remote mountains, forests and valleys.
The daily route is between 160-250 kilometers, with 90% of them being off-road.

The organization of motor sports is actively supported by LTO and is hosted in the area on the initiative of the Municipality of Loutraki, Perachora, Agioi Theodoroi.


20 May to 22 May

"Popular Culture, Cultural Management & Tourist Footprint"

The IBYKOS Cultural Club of Loutraki - Perachorites under the auspices of the Directorate of Modern Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Sports organizes on May 20, 21 and 22 the action "Ethnographic Laboratory: Popular Culture, Cultural Management and Tourist Footprint in the country" and Perachora of Corinth.

The three-day workshop includes:

  • Presentations on theoretical and methodological issues of modern folklore and anthropological sciences, with the participation of renowned academics and researchers.
  • Exercise in the field ethnographic research by conducting interviews and folklore recordings in Loutraki and Perachora.
  • Visits to local folklore collections and critical evaluation of their content with the participation and supervision of museologists.
  • Presentation of modern projects of cultural management and tourist promotion of elements of Greek popular culture by cultural managers.
  • Screening and commenting on ethnographic documentaries with the participation of their contributors.
  • Visual anthropology workshop for the education of the participants in the new technologies and in the main tools of visual imprinting and digital promotion of aspects of the popular culture.
  • Experiential introductory seminars of the participants in the local music and dance tradition, with the participation of locals and the realization of a party with a live traditional orchestra.

Scientific supervisor: Thanos Kotsis


19 Oct to 24 Oct

The city of Loutraki, a city with a long tradition in hosting great sports events, will host the 2021 Veterans world wrestling championship.

More than 750 wrestling athletes from all over the world will be hosted in Loutraki, enjoying top quality accommodation facilities, participating in the largest Wrestling Event in 2021.