Taste of Loutraki

The Ultimate Food Festival in Greece
f you want to be initiated to the secrets and wonders of Greek cuisine, Loutraki is one of the best places to visit in the country for a culinary trip like no other. This cosmopolitan seaside resort near Athens is now ready to celebrate its rich gastronomic tradition with Taste of Loutraki, an annual food festival that aims to showcase the area’s unique local products and delicious recipes.

Taste of Loutraki is a brand new gastronomy festival that introduces locals and visitors to the treasured tastes of Loutraki and the nearby villages and towns. The first edition of the festival is scheduled to take place in June 2022. In the course of two days, attendees will savor the tastes of Loutraki through various activities, such as food and wine tastings, food tours of the city, and events focused on local products.

Get a First Taste of Loutraki 

To celebrate the upcoming Taste of Loutraki Festival, the city holds a shorter version of this amazing gastronomy event on Saturday 9th October. For one day, locals and visitors alike will have the chance to taste mouthwatering dishes at some of the best restaurants and pastry shops in Loutraki. These dishes are based on traditional local recipes yet inspired by and created for this day especially. 

From vegetarian and meat-based dishes to luscious desserts and top-quality wines, this mini version of the Taste of Loutraki Festival has it all. Everyone visiting Loutraki on October 9th should be ready for a culinary journey into the tastes and aromas of a lesser-known yet stunning part of Greece. 

Apart from the gastronomic surprises and special offers that await all travelers that decide to make the short yet delicious trip to Loutraki on October 9th, members of the press and tourist agents that are invited to the event will have the chance to learn more about the local food scene through activities that are focused on the three pillars of Loutraki gastronomy: olive oil, wine, and local desserts.

Taste of Loutraki is a feast of local gastronomy, a celebration of culture and tradition that further establishes Loutraki as one of the finest culinary destinations in Greece. Join us on October 9th to get the first Taste of Loutraki and learn everything about the upcoming annual food festival that’s meant to become the ultimate gastronomy event in Greece.