Premiere of the Loutraki Festival with Kostis Maraveyias!

Kostis Maraveyas at the biggest party of the year!

Kostis Maraveyas is preparing another great concert for the premiere of the Loutraki Festival 2018!

He has proven to be one of those artists he loves to express through the music and enjoys the concerts as well as the audience watching him.

And we will have one and only chance to live the biggest part of the summer. Kostis Maraveyas at the Gymnasium of Loutraki for the first time, for a great concert! Take your fun, your people, take buses and trains, take your car and those who make it on the road and come to live one evening of those that are done once and do not have a repeat.

A colorful cultural musical party of what Kostis knows how to make every opportunity. Greatest true music festival that drives us, enriching our senses, our soul and heart.

A program full of songs from his early years in discography such as the "Do not ask a lot" feature, the appealing "Where to find one to look like you", the playful "Lola", choices from his latest album "Deck" The "Inspirational" "Warm Wine", the "Counterweight", but also a musical play with songs that Kostis loves very interpreted in his unique way and with the help of his outstanding musicians: Nikos Anglopas (electric bass) Aggelos Angelides (electric and acoustic guitar), Jim Sta ridas (trombone) and Kriton Bellona (percussion, drums).

Saturday, July 28th at 21.30 at Loutraki High School.

Ticket: 13 euro pre-sale, 15 euro cashier

The pre-sale of tickets for the show will start at selected spots and ticket servises from Monday, July 2, 2018.