The much-talked nightmarish comedy, the LEBENSRAUM project-challenge at the Loutraki Festival!

The much-talked nightmarish comedy, the work-challenge LEBENSRAUM (LIVE AREA) by Thanasis Triariides, which was successfully presented in the winter of 2016-17 at Faust Theater in Athens, directed by Pigi Dimitrakopoulou at the Loutraki Festival.

It is a work-experiment that abolishes the boundaries between comedy and thriller, truth and lie, actors and the public, innocence and guilt. The work is based on the Nazi expansive theory of the Living Space (Lebensraum) and transcribes it nightly to today.

Two men meet on stage of a theater. One is the Operator of Experiment, the other is offered to become a test animal for a fee. Everything seems almost funny, until at some point things are "crooked" and Experimental is confronted with his ethics. How much is negotiable? And how can viewers remain "viewers"?

"Being Symvouti" in her project, Pigi Dimitrakopoulou has the actors Panos Zournazidis and Sifis Polyzopides in the two roles of the Operator and the Recipient of the nightmarish experiment.



Text: Thanasis Triarides

Directed by: Pigi Dimitrakopoulou

Lighting: Korais Damatis

Sets: Kostas Pappas

Costumes: Maria Kontodima

Editing Movement: Vangelis Pitsillos

Starring: Panos Zournazidis, Sifis Polizoidis

Start time: 21.30

Duration: 75 minutes without a break.

ENTRY: 8 euro (unemployed), 10 euro advance, 12 euro