The masterpiece "Uncle Vania" by Anton Chekhov at the Parko DeksamenisQ

The new theatrical production of Theatre In Form, aims to highlight one of the classical masterpieces of theatrical art, honoring the writing of Anthony Chekhov.

Retired Professor Serebrichoff and his young wife Helena arrive at their remote home in the Russian province, which is maintained by Sonia, the teacher's daughter since her first marriage and her uncle Vanja. Their presence disrupts the life of the people in the estate, disturbs the balance and brings to light lost dreams and unfulfilled desires. The wear and tear of everyday life, boredom, mistakes, excuses, subliminal eroticism, and an almost surrealistic approach to reality characterize the lives of heroes who see the world around them inevitably change.

The classic masterpiece of Anthony Chekhov, a work of deep poetic, tender and humane, where life blends between drama and comedy.

Directed by: Takis Tsartsilidis

Sunday July 29, 2018 at 21.30 at the Pantelis Zervos Theater (Dexamenis Park).

ENTRY: 10 euro, pre-sale 8 euro.

Michael Astif: Constantine Riscas
Marina Timothyevna: Marina Krali
Ivan Voinitsky (Vanja): Stephanos Paizis
Alexandros Serebriakov: Sotiris Pantazis
Helena Andregewna: Valia Pischou
Sophia Alexandrova (Sonia): Vana Harami
Helena Teriegine: Alexis Balasinos
Maria Vasiliva: Angeliki Patsatzi