Maro Markelou and Orestis Dandos at Ypanema!

A special live summer with our own "Maro Markellou" and the unique Oresti Dando in the unique beauty of Lake Vouliagmenis! Friday, August 10 at 21.30 at Ypanema.


Orestis Dandos has already released three completed albums with favorite songs such as "I Will Go When I Want", "When You Turn Night at Night", "Red Army", "Open" etc. returns with his fourth personal album titled "Capture", where they have already distinguished "One And Out", "Little Love" and "Anastenarides". With his best-known record and with references ranging from foreign pop and rock to traditional and modern Greek music, Orestes manages effortlessly, as it is written, to negate any influence on every new song. The special tone of his voice and the charging of the scene creates a distinct and familiar character to those who follow him, but also a sense of intimacy to those who know him.

Maro Markellou has made the mark of the particular songwriter since her first album "Girl for House" since 2008, with many songs singing and playing on radio and television until today ("Scrooge McDuck", "Later to dawn "," E was not nothing "," But I'll go to work "). Her return to the discography was made in 2017 with the album "Candidate Mother", who already knows success ("Gamas", "Cairo" "Candidate Mother" etc.) With experiences and interesting collaborations over the years, as well as creative partnerships / compositions in songs (among others Fivos Delivorias, Panos Mouzourakis, Babis Stokas, Lavrentis Machheritsas, D. Savvopoulos) matures and takes a worthy place in the contemporary music scene. Maro combines music with humor, not only on record but also on stage the results t As in recent years to create the best impression to the public and posting great reviews.

The two began parallel tours around 2008 and felt an artistic affinity for their creative nature. This year, with a fresh tray in his bag, everyone decided they were sucker to carry two bags in the summer and put them in one. With their own song, their own songs paint a stunning, varied mosaic with pleasant touches of the 90's where they grew up.