"Let's do it GREECE 2018 - Become the change you expect".

Hellenic Voluntary Cleaning Campaign
Τhe Municipality of Loutraki - Perachora - Aghioi Theodoroi participates for the fourth time in the largest simultaneous Hellenic Voluntary Cleaning Campaign "Let's do it GREECE 2018 - Become the change you expect".

In the past years, the response of the world has exceeded every expectation with the participation of a significant number of associations, institutions, schools, individual citizens and volunteers in an action map with dozens of cleansing and landscaping points in every corner of our municipality.

This year, we adopt the school area as a field of action to clean and improve the environment, promoting the principles and objectives of education for the Environment and Sustainable Development.

We give the leading role to the students, teachers and parents of the municipal schools focusing on "Let's do it GREECE" Weekly Volunteer Week, which will be held from Monday 23 to Friday April 27, 2018.

The Smart City Followgreen platform is a helping hand in our effort, which offers 500 award points to all the schools in the municipality that will take part in the initiative.

The points of each school will be recorded in the special section of the platform entitled "SCHOOLS IN ACTION", showing the performance of each school in the school recycling contest.

The School Recycling Competition is being implemented as early as November 2017 under the followgreen initiative and aims to raise awareness and reward the School Community on recycling issues.

Students and teachers undertake environmental action by recycling to the special bins that have been placed in the Primary schools of our municipality and are rewarding.

Let's do it Greece!

With the hope that our children, young people and young people will become the change we all expect!

Info: http://letsdoitgreece.org/articles/80 & http://www.followgreen.gr/loutraki/school