The Isthmus Tourist Info Center is now a fact!

The Isthmus Tourist Info Center is now a fact as it has been in operation since August 8, 2018.

It is an elegant, modern Tourist Pavilion in which the destinations and the local products of the Peloponnese are displayed in corresponding Thematic Units. It is located on a very topical spot, next to the Isthmus Canal Monument and very close to the pedestrian bridge so that it is easily accessible by the thousands of visitors to the Isthmus, which is one of the most popular sights of Greece.

In an effort to promote and decorate the Peloponnese gate, the Loutraki Tourist Organization in cooperation with AEDIK, the Municipality of Loutraki P.-Ag. Th. And the Region of the Peloponnese, undertook the initiative to create it.

The desire of all the players that make up the LTO was to upgrade the tourist area of ​​the Isthmus and thus the Tourist Information Center is the trigger for this process. The project started 7 months ago and with a thorough effort from both the LTO and the other collaborating organizations, the construction of the Peloponnese region was completed, while Loutraki is particularly prominent with a whole section of Branding devoted to its sights Of the Municipality.

The Tourist Info Center is staffed with specialized staff with excellent foreign language skills for the excellent service of tourists from all over Europe, Asia and the Americas, and they are looking for information about the region and the Peloponnese in general.

During its first week of operation, it has already provided information and has distributed free printed material about Loutraki and the Mythical Peloponnese to more than 1,000 tourists who have already visited it for sightseeing, activities, beaches, events, archaeological sites and more.

Information: Loutraki Tourism Organization 27440-68136