Gerania Mountain Race

The 5th «Gerania Mountain Race» & the 3rd «Peraia Chora Mountain Race»

The Mountaineering Club of Loutraki announces for Sunday 1 April 2018, the parallel organization of:

The 5th «Gerania Mountain Race» of 22 km long &

The 3rd «Peraia Chora Mountain Race», 10 km long


The route of «Gerania Mountain Race» is commonly accepted as one of Greece's most unique tours, and this year there are changes and improvements to make it even more attractive and enjoyable for athletes.

The starting point of the route is the Loutraki Coastal Park. The route, after leaving the city, moves on a new beautiful path that enters the forested range of the mountain.

Then, it crosses the whole ridge with the fir forest and descends with a spectacular view, which ends again at the Beach Park. The combination of the mountain and the sea on this route is unique in Greece. The positive altitude is 1380m.

The 10km route has a positive altitude of 340 meters, a gentle slope and the trail moves on its first and uphill part, on an old deserted road with great views.

The first 1,700 meters and 400 meters at the end are on asphalt.

Both routes run on well-written paths while the beauty of the alternating landscapes is unique and the panoramic view will relax every athlete.

The center of concentration is the Loutraki Thermal Spa.


Detailed description and more information on the race website: