2019 Gerania Mountain Race

The Loutraki Mountain Mountaineering Club announces for Sunday 7 April 2019 the parallel organization of the 6th "22 km Gerania Mountain Race" and the 4th "Peraia Hora" Mountain Road, 10 km long. The starting point and ending of the games is at the beach front park of Loutraki, Eirini.

The 22km Gerania Mountain Race is now widely accepted as one of the most beautiful and interesting routes in Greece.

The route starts from the sea and after leaving the city it moves in the forested mountainous area of ​​Gerania, crosses the ridge with the fir forest and ends up again in the sea.

92% of the route is a trail, the highest point of 1,048 meters and the positive altitude 1380 meters.

Peraia Chora Mountain Road 10 km is a 10 km route starting from the sea with a 335 meter high point and a positive altitude of 400 meters. In the first part of the route, the path, with a mild uphill slope, moves on an ancient abandoned road with a magnificent view. The first 1,700 meters and the 250 meters at the end are on asphalt.

 Route that runs along its entire length

Information about the race and the routes can be found at the website of the event: https://agwnasgeraneiwn2019.blogspot.com/