The 1st Under The Sun Rock Festival is a fact!

Cariocas Beach Bar
For the first time, Greek rock fans and stoner culture will have the chance to enjoy their favorite artists in a series of landmark concerts that will last for an entire weekend on the beach of Schinos and under the sunshine Cariocas Beach Bar!

Saturday, June 30 and Sunday July 1st, the 1000mods, with their long-awaited experience, especially after their extensive American tour (and many others on European territory), the multicultural Villagers of Ioannina City super-hyped Puta Volcano released last year one of the recordings of the year, Wish Upon A Star with their up-and-coming punk rock shots, heavy groovy Half Gramme of Soma, Deaf Radio with their tight dark rock, local heroes Drunk Jackals, the hot rising power the Supersoul, the ultrasound Explosive Breath After Coma and the dirty / heavy rockers Purple Dino will be featured on the Cariocas stage and the experience is expected to be just as unique!

There is no other land festival, one more concrete concert. It's a great experience at the most legendary beach bar in the country. Along with the sea and the atmosphere impregnated with summer feel-good vibes, a multitude of rock bands of all-encompassing value, they will vibrate the air with their music echoing in the Geranian Mountains that are part of the imposing natural setting of Schinos bay. food, drink and a range of activities to be included in the festival will provide you with an experiential experience that only the presence of each of you falls short to become even more special.

Our ambition is to "Under The Sun" become the Rock Festival of our hearts and on these bases we build our present and future.


18: 15-18: 55 - Drunk Jackals
19: 10-19: 55 - Purple Dino
20: 10-21: 00 - Half Gramme of Soma
21: 15-22: 10 - Puta Volcano
22.45-END - 1000mods

16: 00-16: 40 - Supersoul
16: 55-17: 40 - Breath After Coma
17: 55-18: 50 - Deaf Radio
19: 05-20: 00 - Wish Upon A Star
20: 30-END - VIC



4 Vinyasa Yoga Sessions will involve the body and the movement in the experiential experience of the festival and will awaken the senses for all that we will live in the evenings that will come.

4 Vinyasa Yoga Sessions full of pulse, flow, rhythm and play. We will awaken the body with gentle movements, we will move from dynamic positions, resting on the hands, feet, forearms, shins, heads, we will observe and find space in the body to lead it to posterior and anterior bends and we will finish with a deep relaxation.

After the practice, the body and the spirit will be ready to accept all the vibrations, sounds and images the festival will offer. The energy will flow in all directions and we will experience a unique festival experience under the sun!

The practices will be guided by Myrto Havella and Eleni Giannari.

- 1st Session 10: 00-11: 30
- 2nd Session 12: 00-13: 30

- 1st Session 10: 00-11: 30
- 2nd Session 12: 00-13: 30

The courses are aimed at all levels of trainees. You do not need some previous experience in yoga.

What you need to have: Comfortable clothes and your cloth or towel. The courses will be free of charge.

F: Eleni Giannari Mirto Xav
T: 6983131344


Thai massage utilizes a wide variety of stretching and pressures at points located on the energy meridians. It offers relaxation and well-being while acting at the physical and mental levels.

Wear comfortable clothes and your good mood and come relax and stimulate our body from the benefits of Thai massage.

Shoulders, Neck Head:
COST: 10 euros
DURATION: 20 minutes

Rear body (feet-back):
COST: 15 euros
DURATION: 30 minutes

F: gianna argyriadi
T: 6978480694

*** Before the start, after the end of the musical concerts as well as among them, DJ sets will be performed in alternative, rock and metal sounds, with the participation of recognized names of the domestic rock clubbing.


On an idyllic bay in the picturesque fishing village of Schinou Korinthia, there is an isolated, handmade beach bar that this year celebrates the 20th anniversary of a heritage of both deshumatism and the beauty of the landscape that surrounds it.

Cariocas Beach Bar has been a unique attraction for two and a half decades for those few and eclectic lovers who like to escape from everyday life and out-of-the-box underground fun. With internationally renowned DJs, bands and artists from the Greek hip hop, pop, reggae and surf rock music scene, independent bands, percussion groups and alternative songwriters among others, Cariocas Beach Bar has hosted numerous events that often start from sunrise with the preparations begin and turn off at dawn the next day, leaving memories that remain indelible over time.


Cariocas are all a great family and this year we celebrate 20 years of incredible magical journey to a destination ideal for the whole family.

Our love for genuine rock music goes even further back in time, since since the 1980s, hard and alternative sounds have lulled the loudspeakers in the clubs' sound systems we kept in Attica such as El Maroco in Lagonissi and the legendary " "In Daphne Square, which until today functions as a Mex Mexican restaurant and one of the most popular sports bar clubs, our city halls, Athens. But what is kept unchanged in our culture is what we loved by young people, the way we grew up: Surfing culture and the music that accompanies it is a way of life for us.

The Cariocas Beach Bar opens this year for the first time its doors at the Under The Sun Rock Festival, which is our first ever showcase, one of the biggest and most prestigious electronic music festival in our country, the International Odyssey Festival organizational search for a sound that grew us up. The sound that we are reaping today: Stoner metal and rock music that has been at the top of our preferences since the 1970s!


This new cycle that begins this summer with the first Under The Sun Rock Festival aims to incorporate the music we loved and mark more than any other at the core of our vision. It is a tribute but also a spark of excitement for the electric sound and all that is expressed from its birth to this day: Freedom, expression, solidarity, elevation, mass gathering, the right to love yourself ...

Come and join the first Under the Sun Rock Festival!


T.: +306948182236