Schinos Beach

Σχίνος παραλία Λουτρακίου
Schinos Beach
The visitors from Loutraki to Schinos, overlook the beautiful beaches of the area, with crystal clear waters from Mavrolimni to Mylokopi, thus having many choices for every taste.

Schinos is a beautiful, seaside village at the foot of the Gerania, 30-40 minutes away from Loutraki, where the visitor has the opportunity, besides swimming, to come in contact with many walking routes (with options for climbing the Gerakina gorges & Manolis Mill) or just enjoying coffee or food by the sea.

The beach also has one of the most popular beach bars, which hosts famous djs or hosts concerts by Greek and foreign artists during the summer months.

In Schinos there is the "Center of Hellenism of the Damianos Foundation", which is also known for its beautiful Rhodope Garden, the best of the Balkans (following the architectural model of the famous city of Belfast), which includes 700 varieties of roses and roses. the very rare Chinese variety R. Chinensis Viridiflora with green roses.


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