Πίσσια στο Λουτράκι
At a distance of 15 km from Loutraki and 4 km from Perachora, on the lush pine slope of the Gerania Mountains, lies the village of Pissia, at an altitude of 650 meters.

A deep ravine with many plane trees and waters gives the village a special beauty, which today has about 150 inhabitants, who are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry.

There are also many churches, such as Saint George which is built in a natural cave, while the church of Agios Athanasios dates back to the 15th century. three-aisled basilica and first built in the 18th century.

Finally, in Pissia lies the church of Agia Paraskevi, the metropolis of Pissia, which belongs to the style of the three-aisled basilica and was first built in the 18th century.


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