Perachora Village
Perachora is a small and beautiful village that can be a starting point for excursions to the beautiful beaches of the area and archaeological sites.

Τhe Small and Big Milokopi area, named after the plethora of millstones, is perhaps the best Corinthian area for diving as well as swimming for small and large as it combines shallow and deep waters. Equally impressive are the beaches of Sterna, Scalosia, Stravas and the Heraion Lagoon.

West of the lake is the cape of the Heraion of Perachora, where it is one of the largest lighthouses of Corinth. Here are revealed the most important relics of the early Corinthian civilization of Historical times.

Their center was the sanctuary of the goddess Hera, located in the depth of the harbor, near the rocks on which the current lighthouse is built.

From Heraion, the view of the south coast of Corinth with the impressive massifs is magnificent and the Corinthian sunset is one of the most beautiful of the Greek beaches.

Near the temple are also preserved the ruins of an ancient market, and among the monuments you can find a complex irrigation water system of unique interest.


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