Geraneia Mountains

Γεράνεια Όρη στο Λουτράκι
Geraneia Mountains

Geraneia mountains, are one of the most outstanding mountain ranges of Peloponesse, embraced by three gulfs - the Saronian Gulf, the Corinthian Gulf and the Gulf of Alkyonides.

These picturesque mountains offer a wide range of outdoor activities for nature lovers like hiking, trekking, mountain biking, canyoning, motorcycling and for the extreme sports enthousiasts, parachuting and paragliding.

Geraneia mountains are named aer cranes! According to the thrilling ancient myth, a terrible cataclysm broke out in the era of Defkalionas and Megaros, Zeus’s son, struggled to survive by “swimming” towards the top of the mountain, guided by the cranes that were flying over him!

From Makriplagi, the highest peak of Geraneia - 1.369m long - the view is absolutely awesome! The mountain forms a 37 km long natural barrier between Central Greece and Peloponnese.

What’s more, Geraneia Mountains are enlisted in Natura 2000, the European Net of regions under protection, thanks to its rich fauna and vegetation. There have been traced and recorded approximately 950 different species of plants (lush vegetation, fir & plane trees, oak and myrtle trees, pine trees) and wild animals (jackals, foxes, cranes, royal eagles, hares). Spread around the hills, you may find lots of natural springs with crystal water, while, scattered among the pine forest, you can trace one of the numerous monasteries and churches.


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