Rontis - Holiday Dialysis Center

Rontis HD Κέντρο Αιμοκάθαρσης Λουτράκι
Rontis - Holiday Dialysis Center
Rontis Hemodialysis division was founded by people who understand better than anyone else the real needs of renal patients and guarantee high quality dialysis services under the signature of Rontis

The HD RONTIS dialysis centers are members of the Rontis Corporation.

Rontis, a Switzerland based multinational healthcare corporation, was established in 1986 by a group of leading professionals with lengthy experience in the wider healthcare sector and a vision to provide the most innovative & trustworthy solutions in the market, aiming to become an international leader in the global healthcare industry.

Rontis nephrology department in partnership with FRESENIUS MEDICAL CARE produces arteriovenous hemodialysis lines, distributes consumable materials and has hemodialysis centers in Greece and Romania.

Rontis Corporation made recently another key decision to expand its production activities in the pharmaceutical sector and therefore invested 25m Euros in the establishment of a separate state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Greece.