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riza organic goods
Organic goods

The owner of the store, Mr. Lionis Dimitris started this project in 2008 after a thorough research to provide consumers with healthy products as organic goods are pure products of high nutritional value.
The range of products covers all the needs of a person who is interested in a healthier lifestyle as it includes all kinds of basic diets (oils, legumes, pasta, rice, cereals, honey, jams), chickens, meats, buffalo products , spices , seafood,  delicatessen , breadproducts , fruits and vegetables, eggs, dairy products, sausages, herbal drinks-cheeses and sausages,  juices, products without gluten, , products Zea-emmer-dinkel, baby  food and frozen products such as chicken, meat, pizza, pies, fish, vegetables and fruits.  
There is still a wide variety of wines and other Greek beverages (tsipouro, ouzo, raccola , liqueurs, beers, nama) nuts and dried fruits, desserts, ice creams and mastic products .  
Emphasis has also been placed on the products of personal hygiene and wellness with a variety of Greek herbs and Ayurvedic beverages, dietary supplements - long- life supplements-superfoods, cannabis products, cosmetics, beeswaxes, base oils and essential oils and stationery detergents.  
Organic goods are checked and get their approval by recognized by the state certification bodies, as evidenced by the corresponding mark on the packaging, such as the European regulations require manufacture 2092/91 and 1804/99.  

 The store also provides:

  • Proposals for healthy eating in collaboration with a nutritionist.
  • Delivery to the customer.

The store operates on a daily basis in the morning and afternoon except Sundays.