Mediterranean Center of Rehabilitation

Mediterranean Center of Rehabilitation

Nature's blessings on the path to recovery

Healing after trauma, injury or a health condition can be a difficult process. Patience and persistence are needed along with a peaceful, natural environment which can enhance physical, social and mental health while boosting the results of recovery.

A Natural Healing Space

It is no secret that exposure to nature improves all around wellness. At the Mediterranean Center for Rehabilitation (Mesogeiako Kentro Apokatastasis), we provide a high-quality healing environment along with specialized and personalized care in a place of exceptional natural beauty surrounded by lush vegetation and stunning views of the Corinthian Gulf and mountain range. This location is also ideal for privacy and security.


Our priority is to treat each person individually in a warm and patient-friendly environment. The Centre provides highly specialized personnel in all fields of rehabilitation along with state-of-the-art equipment and a complete range of rehabilitation services. We offer treatments for neurological, muskoloskeletal and polysytemic disorders to name a few. We follow a holistic approach of treatment taking into account any pathological and psychological factors of the patient while improving and developing functionality along with retraining of permanent disabilities. We are strongly anthropocentric with an emotional and human component that makes us unique with our methodology resulting in the success stories we’ve had over these few years.           

Medical Services - Units

Every unit is headed by a supervisor who upholds not only the Centre's standards but also those of Rehabilitation Protocol under the direct guidance and instructions of the Scientific Director – Doctor of Rehabilitation and Physiatry. All therapists and nursing staff have the necessary education, certifications, experience and background knowledge for their respective positions.

The Physiotherapy Unit covers respiratory, cardiovascular, orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation with a particular emphasis on kinetic disabilities.

The Aquatic Therapy Unit is comprised of two heated indoor pools on two levels (ground floor, basement) focusing on the rehabilitation of patients with orthopedic, neurological and rheumatological problems.

The Occupational Therapy Unit and Self-Assistance provides the necessary skills for the improvement of the patient’s daily routines and productive activities.

The Speech Therapy Unit provides therapy for patients with swallowing, feeding and communication disorders.

The Social Services and Psychological Support Units cater to the special needs of the patient in dealing with and accepting the present condition, communicating their needs, socializing and reintegrating into family, community and society after treatment.

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of the Mediterranean Center is responsible for creating personalized diet menus according to each patient’s medical history and energy requirements.


Outpatient Rehabilitation Program

An assessment of the patient is made by a physiatrist who sets an individualized rehabilitation program depending on the condition, age and related conditions at the initial visit. Patients from abroad and their families can choose the outpatient program during their stay in Loutraki. We can help them choose accommodation to suit their needs and standards.

Rehabilitation Program

Once admission is complete, your personalized therapy program begins. The physiatrist and rehabilitation nurse will begin the initial process of evaluation. You will also participate in several evaluation sessions provided by other members of the rehabilitation team who will work with you throughout your inpatient stay. The team will then design a treatment program which is based on your needs, the team's goals and the goals that you or your family wish to achieve. The treatment team involved in your rehabilitation process includes you (the patient), family members, referring physicians and the rehabilitation specialists. The Physiatrist leads the rehabilitation team which is assigned to your care.

Rehabilitation Goals

  • to provide medical services
  • to improve quality of life - decent living
  • to provide psychological support
  • to integrate the individual in the treatment group via the individualized rehabilitation program
  • to prepare them for social and professional reintegration into the community.

An Optimal Location

The Mediterranean Center for Rehabilitation and Recovery is located on the foothills of the Geranium Mountain Range in Loutraki, known for its Thermal springs, endless seaside and excellent climate – the ultimate location in Greece for rehabilitation and all-around wellness. Our modern rehabilitation building, Guest House, athletic facilities, walking paths and parking are surrounded by a plethora of Mediterranean plants and trees.

An Experience for Both Patients and Caregivers

Our patients and/or their caregivers will have the opportunity to enjoy a great number of outdoor activities in the charming city of Loutraki which is a world-renowned tourist destination combining:

  • Beautiful award-winning beaches
    The crystal-clear, clean water and the beach of Loutraki have been awarded with a ‘Blue Flag’ since 1987
  • Historical Monasteries
    There is a significant religious element throughout the area that range from the first steps of Apostle Paul to Byzantine murals inside the cave where the remains of his holiness Potapious were discovered, as well as graphic monasteries, and numerous Christian temples
  • Endless majestic locations to discover
    Gerania Mountain Range, Peraxora, Casino and a multitude of cultural events await the traveler. Loutraki is also very well situated as it is close to some of the most famous tourist areas of Greece. Athens 75km, Nafplio 63km, Mycenea 77km, Epidavros 80km, Delfi 160km, Ancient Corinth 15km, Ancient Olympia 280km

Loutraki is only 75 km from the city of Athens and is strategically located and accessible by the Suburban Train network and National Road.

It is in this ultimate healing location that we optimize your experience to enhance your recovery potential

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