Loukoumi and Water Sweets "GERANEIA"

Εργαστήριο Λουκουμιών και Βανίλιας
Loukoumi and Water Sweets "GERANEIA"
Water Sweets and Loukoumi

The Loukoumi factory "Geraneia" was established in 1958.

A family business made up of two brothers, Kostantinos and Anargyros Sakellariou. In 1982, the two siblings Giorgos Sakellariou and Sotirios Mexias took over the reins of the business.

The old traditional recipes were enriched with new varieties of flavors and fresh ideas to respect and maintain 60 years of Loukoumi.

Both Loukoumi and vanilla are purely sweet, with relatively few calories, as they are produced from natural ingredients without added preservatives and fat.

The main ingredients of the Greek Delights are water, sugar, starch and citric acid.

If it is enriched with nuts, it contains the beneficial nut fat.