About L.T.O.

L.T.O. is the official Destination Management Organization of the city of Loutraki.

Loutraki Tourism Organization

The Loutraki Tourism Organization, LTO, was founded on the 1st of June 2011, in Loutraki, Greece. It is a non-profit organization that was created in the context of promoting tourist growth in Loutraki and to establish the guidelines and operational activities and actions towards this cause. In this context, the agreement between the public and private sector of Loutraki to invest in the city’s great tourist potential resulted in the constitution of LTO.

It is important to consider the fact that the long history of Loutraki as a tourist destination, going back at least 5 decades, proclaimed tourism as a critical element of the city with a clear contribution on its modern structures, that has a cross-cutting impact on society as a whole and affects many aspects of its economic, social, cultural and territorial life.

LTO undertakes the challenge of taking initiatives that will increase tourist growth in Loutraki incorporating new processes and adopting new approaches that will lead to a sustainable tourist development with positive impact on local residents and visitors as well.

L.T.O. is the official Destination Management Organization of the city of Loutraki, attracting and creating value to companies, residents and tourists. It is actually a liaison among Loutraki tourist factors - companies, associations, organizations, municipalities, Corinth Chamber, Region Peloponnese - both private and public - exclusively aiming to promote the destination of Loutraki and its outskirts.

The main mission and sole vision of the L.T.O founding members is to constantly increase, enhance and promote the tourist section of the local economy in viable ways.


  • To boost the financial impact on the tourist sector and attract new types of theme - tourism
  • To promote the city’s identity as a tourist destination worldwide
  • To familiarize tourists with the local community
  • To ensure the effective management and exploitation of tourist infrastructure
  • To strengthen public & private co-operation in the field of tourism