Discover The Heavenly Island-Like Beaches Near Loutraki

Sterna Beach
Just an hour away from Athens
Just an hour’s drive from Athens, Loutraki is one of the most popular seaside towns where you can enjoy a break from the bustling capital. Even though most visitors choose to relax on the long pebbly beach in the heart of the town, there are also some heavenly island-like beaches near Loutraki that are worth checking out.

Situated north of Loutraki, these pristine beaches of crystal clear waters and thick pine tree shades feel as though they’re hidden somewhere in the Ionian Sea. Yet, you don’t need to hop on a ferry or a plane to enjoy them, as they’re just a stone’s throw from the Greek capital. 


Most of these beaches are accessible via dirt roads that require off-road vehicles. The safest and most pleasant way to reach these heavenly island-like beaches, though, is to rent a boat in Loutraki. 

Top 6 Heavenly Island-Like Beaches in Loutraki


Located in an area of unparalleled natural beauty, right next to a tiny natural pool, Sterna is one of the most exotic beaches near Loutraki. This secret cove of golden sand and clear waters is ideal for anyone looking for privacy and absolute tranquility.


Mylokopi is one of the prettiest beaches in Greece. A piece of land separates Mylokopi into two beaches: Mikri (Small) Mylokopi is sandy, while Megali (Large) Mylokopi is abundant in otherworldly rock formations. With its turquoise waters and colorful seabed, Mylokopi stands out among all the heavenly island-like beaches near Loutraki.


Lakazeza is one of the best-hidden beaches in Loutraki. Its raw beauty is so captivating that it’s almost impossible to believe that this slice of heaven on earth is actually on Greece’s mainland rather than on one of the country’s gorgeous islands. Similarly, Skalosia is a secluded beach in a unique setting that combines the grandeur of the mountains with the charms of the sea.  


Nobody can argue that Navagio (Shipwreck) Beach in Zakynthos is one of the most iconic locations in Greece. What if we told you that one of the heavenly island-like beaches near Loutraki is Navagio Beach in miniature? Lefki Parathiriza, or just Lefki, is a stunning beach of dramatic white cliffs and incredible blue waters. 


Last but not least, Mikra Strava is a fantastic beach of spectacular waters that seem to reach out to touch the tall pine trees on the shore. 


Loutraki is the perfect destination for beach lovers who don’t want to travel far to find a peaceful haven with clear waters and jaw-dropping views. These heavenly island-like beaches in Loutraki promise countless relaxing moments and unique island vibes, just an hour away from Athens.