Sankara Magic

Sunday, 3 February, 2019 - 18:00
“Magic inside”
A unique show of "illusions" on stage at the Alexandrio Convention Center for younger and older ones!

Are you ready to dive into the shady waters of magic? Do you have the courage to sink into the bottomless bottom of the imagination?

The top illusionist Sankara and his team are inviting you to a show of hallucinations in "Magic inside", a mind game with many virtual-aesthetic traps, where the logic is at stake and dominated by the inconceivable, in a mental bypass leading to the impossible , to supernatural, while nothing can prevent the imagination from escaping the horizons of reality.

Sankara, the man who is not afraid to "play" with fire, ending up with swords and knives, from mutilations, falls, risks having the advantage of "courage" and the belief that in a magical world everything can happen while he is not afraid of escape or escape from space-time, is transported lightningly, appears and disappears without letting the daughter of your eye to the minimum, without thinking, to suspect his next move because he is the guy who has already guessed your thoughts , already has inter sdysei the depths of your mind.

Going through the hidden streets of magic, the sudden illusionist, with his eyes shut, his flaccid consciousness, and breathtaking, will drag your thoughts to the inner of his magic, where everything is fired, where there are no limits, where the danger becomes so attractive, the body non-existent and the mind confronts with the greatest challenge: the metaphysical.

Imagine being in this scene, seeing the magic unfold before you and your eyes not begging you, seeing the magician

you get it, you want it and it appears behind you next to you and it looks like it's never moved out of the scene

If you believe in magic, Sankara and his team are waiting for you for an imaginative show of hallucinations. If you do not believe in magic, time to deny.

A unique show of "illusions" on stage at the Alexandrio Convention Center for younger and older ones.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2019, ON 18:00