Loutraki for seniors

Senior tourists will find in Loutraki a destination that is always young at heart!

The services and amenities offered by the city are rejuvenating and absolutely essential for the health and wellbeing at any age but particularly in the senior years. The Loutraki Thermal Spa provides a variety of treatments containing the therapeutic water of the Loutraki springs either for bathing or for drinking. Moreover, the city hosts 2 specialized private centers for senior health & care. Apart from services & amenities, the climate of the city features total absence of humidity all year around and mild Mediterranean temperatures that foster the ideal conditions for your vacations.

Ideas for Seniors:

  • Hydrotherapy and Water Drinking therapy in the Loutraki Thermal Spa
  • Medical checkup in specialized private centers
  • Bathing in the sea
  • Mild Trekking in the Geraneia Mountains
  • Yoga sessions by the beach
  • Visit to the picturesque monasteries of St. Patapios & St. Gerasimos