Odyssia Festival - Weekendition Collage 2017


A Meeting of artists, music lovers, festival goers, locals and travelers!

After the successful premiere of the ODYSSIA International Festival, held in the summer of 2016, on the shores of the idyllic bay of Schinos in Korinthia, the Greek organizers announce the long-awaited continuation of ODYSSIA Festival.

From July 7 to July 10, numerous visitors from all around the world will meet at a unique Greek location, where Cariocas Beach Bar, which already counts 19 years of tradition in entertainment and music events, is located.
The meeting and the interaction of people whose aim is to leave behind all the characteristics that differentiate them, and to harmonize through music and other actions in a fairy-tale world, remain the unchanging objectives of the Odyssian Community, in which they participate and unrestrictedly is set, by all those who will visit the festival.
The theme of this Odyssey is "Collage", the composition of different materials, textures and styles, whether it is music or visual arts and alternative forms of action and entertainment, or the people who are going to attend the festival, and all within a splendid natural environment, in the picturesque seaside fishing village of Schinos, under the imposing Gerania mountains overlooking the Alkyon Islands.

Through 4 separate musical themed days, the festival explores the origin of electronic dance music culture and travels from its deep African roots to the most contemporary sounds of some of the most high-quality and popular music productions, Djs and selectors of the international but also of the wider Greek music scene.


15hrs nonstop Reggae, Dub, Hip Hop, Jungle, Dubstep, Drum and Bass!
The first day of the festival is devoted to that music, from where the culture of electronic dance sound began. From the 60's (reggae) and 70 (Dub), reaching up to the present-day genres that embrace this culture and watch it more closely, easily and unjustly, one can claim to be an integral part of it. Hip Hop's top Greek artists are participating with a significant offer and international collaborations that have been serving the scene for many years, such as INSPIRE, TALK OF LOST, HATE MOST and ZORRO & BUZ framed by DJs, Producers and MCs, such as CRYOGENICS, JUNIOR SP, BOYCOTT, BASSDELIGHT, LYRICA HOTS, BREDDA AHMED, JEPH 1, WAG, and SELECTAH PIRANHAS, become an ensemble of genuine exporters of underground music culture and black music in our country, make a comeback to the Odyssey and take up the stages of the first day of the festival!
The 15-hour party will start on the beach at 4 o'clock and end the next morning!


The second day of the festival is Saturday, the full moon is also ideal for the Odyssia tribute to the space, futuristic and industrial sounds of the dance electro techno music scene.
Four very important teams with international collaborations and prestige represent this particular genre, each in its own distinct way, join their forces for the first time and take over the helm of the Odyssia spaceship with the aim to travel us to the vast space environment of techno and dance music Culture.
The Spanish team of SOUND DIRECTIVA with Alberto Ruiz and Oscar Aguilera hosts the festival from abroad, dominating the lineup of the day.
The groups of FUNKED UP (Manolaco, Ikee, Tap, Niko Rac), ELECTRIC COLONY (V.Rox, Hush, Olga) and DANING IN (HobbyT, D-Vibe, Aris Von) close the Saturday night frame and with them we welcome the new moon in the best way, the dawn of Sunday ... and the 3rd day of the festival.


On the third day - Sunday - we find ourselves at Cariocas, host venue of Odyssia, a place that loves HOUSE music and has not heard House music during the festival so far. As we are genuine Ulysses though, we know how to enjoy the journey and gather experiences until we get to our house! The next stop of the trip is here and it's finally time to start the HOUSE ON THE BEACH PARTY!
What can be said about the legendary HOUSE ON THE BEACH parties....
They take place on Sunday nights at Cariocas for the last 19 years, a venue in which House music Legends such as Frankie Knuckles, Kerri Chandler, David Morales, Louie Vega, Joe Claussell, Ron Trent, DJ Spinna, Danny Krivit, Body and Soul, Glenn Underground and many more have graced its decks. Countless artists…
HOUSE ON THE BEACH comes to you refreshed with a special edition dedicated to ODYSSIA this time!
For the first time, ever:
The House Music living legend and maestro Timmy Regisford brings in his suitcase a 10-hour set and offers us a unique performance in one of his favourite booths, the one of Cariocas, a booth that he already knows well, having been involved in other HOUSE ON THE BEACH parties since .... (date).
DJ Lakuti, known for the nights she hosts at Panorama in Berlin, a club whose popularity is today ranked among the top in the world, brings along her favourite vinyls.
Justin Van Der Volgen, the man behind the New Underground scene in New York City, with numerous releases and favorite edits, offers us another unexpected set of what he likes to present to his journeys around the world.
And Spellband, the dynamic trio from Italy, who are coming for the second time to Odyssia to share with us their wonderful memories, renewed with new musical choices and fresh remixes!
All Sunday and until sunrise on Monday, we celebrate this summer with a HOUSE ON THE BEACH PARTY that is going to be special since it is for the first time since its presence at Amsterdam’s ADE, it will be back in Greece, in his place of origin, in his own home, as part of an international festival! It will be fantastic!


All good things come to an end and the best way to bid farewell to the festival till 2018, is to open the festival doors to all who want to visit it and get a taste of Odyssia, a smell of its perfume, and keep it with them until the following summer.
From the farewell ceremony, at the place where the disco-balls have been shining for nearly two decades, Disco could not be absent. So, NICKOLA DU FUNK with passion for the specific sound and just before releasing his first vinyl, will be with us continuing with the same festive mood that has already been going on for 3 days!
ANNA K with an international presence in Soulful, Deep and Afro House and a key artistic support and caregiver in the Odyssey and Cariocas teams takes over with a set that promises to give many smiles and love to our Odyssian friends.
As the day goes on and at this moment of the last day of the festival, Odyssia, in cooperation with Hi - Hat Music Productions, a pioneer of the legendary jam nights at the Athens Hi-Hat Cafe of the early 90s, have sent an open invitation to musicians to come and share the music stage of the festival!
At this very special and honorary moment, we find on decks the musical duo LOVESICK, Resident DJs of Cariocas, who began playing together with DJing and live musical instruments as early as the beginning of 2000, and who will dedicate this distinctive marathon appearance to their deceased mentors David Mancuso and Ricardo da Force.
From the first day until the last, the music Odyssey is constantly combined with many alternative outdoor activities and arts!
As part of the festival, you will enjoy art performances, participate in workshops, entertain yourselves in secret beach parties, interact with visual facilities, and participate in many selected outdoor festival activities.
This year's edition is dominated, among other things, by the co-operation with the children's playgroup of PlaySenders, where young parents will have the opportunity to entertain themselves with the sounds of the one by one selected world class producers, while their children aged 5-10 will play safely in the specially designed area within the festival!
The participatory process is an integral part of the festival culture, and all visitors will have the opportunity to give their best Odyssian self, making Cariocas shine with smiles and art.
A lot of art. Art painters, bodypainters, graffiti artists, dance teachers, Yoga and cooking instructors, theater artists, street artists, as well as modern philosophers, storytellers and play makers for children and adults, ball games, saga safari, sup yoga, trekking in the mountains, all are combined with good food during 4 magical days and aspire to compose an unforgettable experience collage this year, especially for the festival guests.
Just one and a half hour away from Athens, this hidden gem of the Corinthian Gulf is transformed for 4 days and from 7th to 10th July, is an ideal one-day getaway, but also a first-class opportunity for those who will stay longer to experience the trip to a destination beyond time, at a festival that is by nature unique.
The organizers have provided various alternative ways of traveling and accommodation for visitors who are expected to visit Odyssia this year as well from different parts of the world, in a corner of the earth, taken out of the most beautiful fairy tales.
With the Odyssia vessel, it is certain that this summer promises even more wonderful emotions to its travelers ...


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