Greece, Aegean, Cyclades, Astypalea or Ihthioessa.

Full of fish!

Ihthioessa Legion and the space has created and Christos Meletis study in a lovely spot on the beach of Loutraki and overlooking the azure sea, raison d'être is to travel in flavors, images, emotions that we carry around in a box in our living forth in this wonderful our country.

In Ihthioessa will not find to eat seafood dishes resting on silk seaweed, sauteed with peanut butter, with 6 drops of soy sauce and marinated in exotic spices. In Ihthioessa will eat dishes with truth.

Within the pans and pots of cooked dishes, images, feelings, memories, familiar to the Greeks.
"Cooked" white and blue! The fire beneath the grill is our sun.
This sun-like bonfires in the eyes of the owner of that for 14 consecutive years traveling certainly harbors flavors and pleasures.

This man loves his place loves his space, which is sure to be friendly and elegant in every detail and fills your eyes with beautiful images that marries the flavors to get the company leaving.
The man living there, there is there doulefei.Agapa what makes loves people and would love it too.


Try ...

Afethite ...

Travel ...

And it will surely return!

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