Nature loving tourists will be enchanted by the quality of the environment.

The total absence of humidity in the area and the prolonged sunshine period provide the ideal climate conditions while the coexistence of mountain and sea create magnificent scenery.

Geraneia Mountains Natural Environment

The Geraneia Mountains spread from the valley of Megara to the Heraion Lagoon and are framed by the Corinthian, Saronic and Alkyonides gulfs. They are filled with pine trees and have a significant amount of bushy vegetation. 950 different kinds of plants have been recorded, some of them extremely rare, and their fauna consists of jackals, foxes, hares, falcons and many others. The whole area is part of the Natura 2000 program, the Europe-wide network of sites tasked with the preservation, of the natural heritage.

Mount Geraneia

Mount Geraneia, one of the most outstanding mountain ranges of Peloponesse, is embraced by three...

Sousaki – The Volcano

To the southern ends of mount Geraneia, near the Corinthian Refineries, lies the ancient, dormant...